The Root of the Matter with Joseph Krikorian

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Summary: to contribute to our podcast, you can buy us "a cup of coffee" by leaving us a little something, or a big something ;) here: We welcome our friend Joseph Krikorian as we explore the Armenian culture and history. We're going to begin the root of the matter as we delve into coming from somewhere else and the ways of having to make our way in the world, all the while, carrying with us, all the emotions, the history, our stories, and our mapping out and figuring out a brave new one, a brave new world that is. Sometimes this is hard to do, especially with the trail of the people who came before us. Like our ancestors, grandparents, great-grandparents sometimes even parents, who may not have the stories or they do have the stories, but they're not passed down to us; all the why's, the how's and when's like, why did this happen? Not even knowing that we should be asking these questions because we have no idea, what happened in the past. What makes someone behave the way they do? What makes our household our home, have a certain vibe, or like a certain history? to reach Joey:     Transcript [00:00:00] Fawn: Are we ever going to get a new table? I feel like I got this table for us and I said, we'll have it forever, honey. But we're sitting, we got forever tables in the other room. Well, times were really tough and every dollar counted. And once we started to start to begin to get back on our feet, I saw it as a toddler picnic table. I'm like, honey, we have to get it with an umbrella with an umbrella and chairs. And it was like under a hundred dollars, but that was like to us a thousand dollars. And we got it. And to this day we're still sitting and the kids are now taller than I am. And we're still sitting at the [00:00:41] Joey: yeah, no, I'm looking at the perspective of Matt sitting at my knee. Right? [00:00:46] Fawn: Yeah. Look at that. Look at that. [00:00:49] Matt: I'm not sitting in one of the normal chairs I have with there's an Ottoman right here. [00:00:53] Fawn: So God, if you're listening to me, please help help us move the real table. I know, but nevermind. Anyway, welcome. Welcome back. Welcome back to our friendly world, everybody. So today, today, this show is really important to me because of the bond that I made with our very special gu