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Summary: Charles HoleyInspirational Speaker & AuthorCharles L Holley (SpeakerHolley is an award-winning Toastmasters International Speaker, Author of several Inspirational books, and 20+ year Technology Business Professional who specializes in Engagement, Inspiration, and Communication. He was born the 17th child of poor farmers in North Alabama during the height of the civil rights movement but overcame many obstacles to become the first family member to graduate from college. His writing career was launched from tragedy. After the sudden death of his thirteen-year-old son, he sank into deep depression and used writing as a coping tool. His first book about the death of his son was very successful and led to his powerful writing career. He has written over five books. Despite a severe speaking problem as a child, he has recently captured the Toastmasters International speaking award: 2021 District Championship. With a wealth of rich life experience as a child of the south, well-rounded education, and ability to engage the audience, Charles leads thought-provoking conversations on topics such as Leadership, Overcoming obstacles, and how to talk about hot-button topics. His latest book, Black & White: Healing Racial Divide, is smashing reviews (average 4.8 of 5 stars) on Amazon and destined to become the next hot-topic