living the dream with the author of the book love is and executive director of the non-profit organization Rays of hope international Kim Sorrelle

Living the Dream with Curveball show

Summary: The pandemic has us disconnected, divided, anddisgruntled. Social media posts are ending friendships, conspiracy theories are multiplying faster than Covid rabbits, and mask shaming is keeping neighbors fenced in. The beneficiaries of it all- wineries and therapists.Although disease and discord separated us, love willbring us together. And one knows more about love than Kim Sorrelle, The Love Maven. During a year long experiment living out love, looking for its true meaning, Kim's life changing, mind blowing, revolutionary discoveries foundthat love is far from just an emotion. It is living, giving,breathing, walking, and talking. And the depths of her realizations will change the world.Kim is executive director of a non-profit organization,, speaker, writer, and author of the newly released book "Love Is". Kim has been a guest on numerous television and radio broadcasts as well as interviewed and published in newspapers and magazines.A joyfully optimistic mid-western girl with a splash of spice, Kim lives in Grand Rapids, Michigan. If you would like to help Kim’s ministry by donating time or money visit