living the dream with author and child safety expert Mark Wilhelmsson

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Summary: Mark Wilhelmsson is the Author of "EMERGENCY - This Book Will Save Your Child's Life," Founder of Our Child's Keeper and the "Baby and Child Safety Master Class"Mark founded Our Child's Keeper after he nearly lost his son to a choking incident just after his second birthday. Luck saved him, not Mark. It was a wake up call - and here's why this is such an important issue to discuss and raise the awareness of: This year, nearly a million children worldwide will not make it to the age of 5. In the United States alone, it’s approximately 8,000 children—or nearly one child per hour, according to Safe Kids Worldwide. This isn't due to war, disease or famine. We're losing these children from accidental injuries, most of which could have been prevented - and it's time that changed. Mark was an Investigator in NYC working on Civil, Supreme and Federal Court cases for over 26 years and then he decided to pivot and take that skill-set to look at what the real reasons are this is happening, and what we can do to radically reduce the number of childhood deaths and injuries worldwide – and he believes it's by empowering parents with the knowledge, life-saving skills and access to the most trusted experts and resources to protect and keep their children safe. Mark subsequently became a Certified Infant, Child and Adult CPR, AED and First Aid Instructor and Water Safety Ambassador through the Amercan Red Cross. Check out his course Find his book at