living the dream with author and film producer Tim Tortora

Living the Dream with Curveball show

Summary: Tim Tortora has countless stories from the road. Living and working all over the world - basically on the road for 13 years of his career. Running Oprah Winfrey's film and long-form TV unit, the Benji franchise, producing at Mandalay Sports Entertainment, working on Jackass: The Movie, The Burton Movie and countless TV & film projects. Tim stopped traveling and working in the trenches of film production when he knew he wanted a family -- and not just in name.Tim continue to work in his dream business, but now from the desk of a CFO. Producing movies from 8 to 6 and advising investors in his consulting practice before and after his day as a CFO.Tim wrote a book last year and he creates content to help investors and young movie business entrepreneurs find their way through Hollywood - without getting conned. His book is not a tell-all. He could have written something that was sleazy, named many names and told the inside stories of people who sometimes behave very badly, but instead Tim chose to write a book about how not to get hosed by the Hollywood Con Man.Working in Film Production is tantamount to being an entrepreneur. You are running a business you are creating a brand and that brand is yourself - all the time. You're constantly selling, you're constantly networking and you're constantly staying engaged looking for work or opportunity. And Tim is here to tell you it does not matter what your education is or the background you came from. In Entertainment you walk in with a clean slate and create the career you want. You can purchase Tim’s e-book at or check out his website at