History: Military Deception

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Summary: Full show notes - https://wrongtermmemory.com/a-history-of-military-deception/ (Military Deception Throughout the Ages) Military Deception (MD) has been used for centuries as a tool to defeat the enemy. 5th century Chinese military strategist Sun Tzu wrote in his now world-famous book The Art of War about the importance of deception and espionage to the war effort, and as a result of this military tacticians throughout the millennia have placed a heavy focus on deception as a key wartime tactic. Despite this, there has been a somewhat understandable lack of development in the theory and study of MD, as demonstrated by the fact that NATO have not yet even developed a universal code of MD. Even within various militaries there is a lack of direct understanding about deception and how they may face or use it. Support Wrong Term Memory on https://bit.ly/WTMpatreon (Patreon) https://bit.ly/WTMpies (Pie Sports) have the best pies in Glasgow - order some to your door today Ahttps://bit.ly/QTThome ( Quite The Thing Media) production Produced by Jack Shaw and Colin McMillan Written by https://twitter.com/HeartandHutts (Ross Hutton) Our executive producers are Ross Barnett, Mark Brown and Robert McMillan Email: hello@wrongtermmemory.com