Scarface with Matty Fahd (re-release)

Double Impact show

Summary: Ok. This is a BIIIIG one. Brian De Palma's Scarface was massive for most of us I'm sure, but particularly so for this week's guest, Matty Fahd from Gogglebox Australia. Matty joins us to talk through why this was such a massive movie for him, and of course help us dive into the background of the film, and breakdown how it holds up in 2020. This is a pretty massive episode, our longest to-date, and it's packed to the brim with juicy Scarface chat. Including such big questions as, to what extent is it a remake? How 'method' did Pacino get on set? Is his accent actually any good? Is this the most influential movie on hip-hop of all time? But most importantly, how does it hold up through the harsh light of a 2020 lens?