Episode 168- The Genetics of Autism. With Pamela Feliciano, scientific director of SPARK

Adventures in Autism show

Summary: Today I’m chatting with Pamela Feliciano. Pam is the mother of a teenage son with autism and the scientific director of SPARK (Simons Powering Autism Research for Knowledge), the world’s largest autism study. Pam shares her journey with her son and how his autism diagnosis inspired her to work in this field. On this episode, Pam gives a crash course in the genetics of autism. We discuss the genetic links found in autism as well the different mutations. Later we talk all about the benefits of SPARK and how families can get involved. Pam and I also dive into some more controversial topics that I typically avoid on the show! But I felt it was important to discuss these things when such an expert was present. I learned so much from Pam and I’m so honored to have her on the show. I hope you enjoy listening! Get involved with SPARK: www.sparkforautism.org Sponsored by: Simple Spectrum Supplement https://simplespectrumsupplement.com/ Use code AIA at check out for free shipping! Connect with Megan: IG: @adventuresinautismpod FB: @Adventures In Autism Podcast Email: adventuresinautism2018@yahoo.com Enjoying the show? I would so appreciate your rating & review! --- Send in a voice message: https://podcasters.spotify.com/pod/show/megan-carranza/message