Relatable Floral Business Branding with LK Verdant

Team Flower show

Summary: Raysa is an independent florist (and mummy to two young boys) committed to offering timeless, fun, and unique floral arrangements. Her most special moments within her career have been her Vogue and Grazia features, but her everyday job of creating and delivering to her local community brings her so much happiness! Raysa and Kelly are chatting about working within the season, using David Austin garden roses in arrangements, and some of Raysa’s favorite must-have tools. Raysa recently launched a letterbox floral shipping business called FlowerFix where she also released a pair of specialty floral snips/scissors! She’s sharing tips on setting expectations with clients while also allowing for collaboration with the customer. This conversation leads right into a discussion on relatable branding and learning who you are—and who and what your business is. You can find Raysa online at or on Instagram at @lkverdant.