Taking Advantage of the Plant Trend with Accent Decor

Team Flower show

Summary: We’re jumping on with Sarah Bagle to chat about all things PLANTS! Since COVID in 2020, people have begun to get “back in touch” with nature—both outdoors and indoors. The plant craze has ensued after the pandemic, beginning with millennials and generation Z, and has expanded to a larger and more diversified audience. Accent Decor has taken advantage of the plant trend in their offerings, so you’ll hear about some of their go-to pots, containers, and gift options for plant parents. Sarah is also sharing advice on how the floral industry can take advantage of the plant trend. She says, “Flower shops [could be seen] as a destination and source of inspiration rather than a place to call and order flowers.” Finally, Kelly and Sarah are tossing around some ideas on the best ways to educate and encourage the new plant parent. You’ll hear everything from tips to grow to which types of containers to use! You can shop all their plant products (and more!) at www.accentdecor.com.