Popping Up for People with Black + Blossomed

Team Flower show

Summary: Black + Blossomed is a local pop-up flower shop that offers a range of seasonal bouquets that are either pre-arranged or created onsite. Apart from creating and selling flower arrangements, Black + Blossomed is also meant to be a community for all people to become an active participant in the beauty of the world around us and most importantly, the beauty within ourselves. We are all partaking in this process of growing, becoming, and blossoming, and their hope is to facilitate that process for each person who buys a flower or visits their site. Today, you’ll hear from Breigh on floral pop up shops—what they are, where they’re located, and who they serve. She’s chatting about finding and solidifying her unique business model as well as her client base. Breigh is also in the process of getting her Master’s Degree in Clinical Psychology (woohoo!), so she’s also talking about the special lens this has been to view flowers and their role in peoples’ lives. Anything that requires using your five senses is a technique used to help your nervous system ground itself. She’s sharing tips on how to ground yourself in a moment of “fight or flight.” Find inspiration and encouragement on her Instagram @blackandblossomed!