The Awkward Friend

Our Friendly World with Fawn and Matt show

Summary: We analyze the true definition of awkward and Fawn explains her own awkwardness, then Matt does also, and then we talk about the geniuses in history who were considered to be awkward and discuss the brilliance and sadness of Turing and how our society can be so cruel to such brilliant people.   If you enjoy our show, please contribute by leaving us a little something, or a big something ;) [00:00:00] Fawn: Awkward awkward, awkward, awkward. Hello. Good morning everybody. Good afternoon. Good evening. Hello everyone around the world our beautiful friends. We're talking about awkward today, looking at awkward old Norse, it means turn the wrong way. Middle English, means, backwards perverse clumsy prefers. Yeah. So you add the old Norris with the English to the middle English and you have awkward meaning the wrong way round the wrong way round, upside down. And so let's look at the suffix. Ward W A R D, the English suffix, denoting, spatial, or temporal direction as specified by the initial element. So the elements like toward, seaward, seaward, yes, afterward, [00:01:00] backward. So again, the definition of awkward: in the wrong direction,turned the wrong way. In the 1530s, that's when it started to mean the wrong way. Here are some definitions: perverse; the archaic means, unfavorable, adverse, adverse. Um, how do you say that adverse or adverse? I think there are two different meanings lacking dexterity or skill as in the use of the hands; lacking social grace and assurance. For example, there's a newcomer, right? They don't know, [00:01:36] Matt: they don't know your mores, your social mores. [00:01:38] Fawn: Right. And that's where I want to talk about it. Cause that's usually me. Lacking ease or grace as a moment or expression lacking the right proportions size or harmony of parts. Not easy to handle or deal with requiring great skill ingenuity or care. And then [00:02:00] looking in the definition of ward, W A R D; cause we were fighting about this I'm like, I don't think it means what you think it means. And we were actually looking at the noun definition and the verb. So the noun and the verb, the noun ward is a separate room and an institution like a hospital or jail or something, or, , an administrative division of a city or [00:02:24] Matt: borough. So it's like classifying the classification. [00:02:27] Fawn: Yeah. Like, yeah, like, yeah, spatial. Okay. Designations, I guess you would call it. And then the verb, ward, is what you were saying is to guard, to protect. That's the archaic definition. Now here's a definition I had never heard of before.