living the dream with professional writer, speaker, author, and poet Steve Vincent

Living the Dream with Curveball show

Summary: As a professional writer, teacher, spiritual coach, poet and author, Steve Vincent brings more than 33 years of experience to the table to help others overcome their challenges and live their dharma.Steve is a public speaker, workshop facilitator and creator of Pendragon Men's Circle and Copywriters' Escape Room support programs. A lover of sunsets, his search for the truth of our human existence has stretched from the sands of the Sunshine Coast to the hot springs of New Zealand, to the Peruvian Amazon for ayahuasca ceremonies, and has included many an energetic healing online and in person, and long hours alone pondering the meaning of life.Originally a high school teacher, faculty head and vice principal then freelance journalist, copywriter, writing coach and marketing consultant, Steve's journey inwards via his new book “Finding You” has unlocked the pain of the human experience, which emerges in his words that are said to move women to tears and make men squirm.Steve has spoken to audiences as large as 1500 and have coached groups of all ages and sizes. Steve has appeared on a weekly international spiritual broadcast and contributes to several weekly self-improvement movements. A father of 4 now adult children, Steve lives on the sub-tropical Sunshine Coast in Queensland, Australia and when not writing and mentoring others, can be found at one of the beautiful local beaches communing with Mother Earth or gazing out to