Episode 165- Getting diagnosed with ASD as an adult. With Pro Golfer, Billy Mayfair.

Adventures in Autism show

Summary: Today I’m chatting with professional golfer, Billy Mayfair. Billy shares his journey of getting an autism diagnosis as an adult. After his wife encouraged him to be evaluated, Billy received his diagnosis of ASD in November of 2019. Billy explains how hearing that he had autism was initially very surprising to him. However after reading his doctors report, he felt it made a lot of sense and could see how all his life, autism had been a part of him. Billy talks about how he enjoyed golf as a kid because it was something he could do on his own, for and hours. Billy has had a very successful career as a pro golfer and still plays on the PGA Masters tour. Billy and his wife Tammy are now working on a foundation to help provide support and resources to individuals on the spectrum and their families. Billy was a delight to chat with and I hope you enjoy listening! Connect with Billy: Twitter: BMayfairGolf Sponsored by: Simple Spectrum Supplement https://simplespectrumsupplement.com/ Use code AIA at check out for free shipping! Connect with Megan: IG: @adventuresinautismpod FB: @Adventures In Autism Podcast Email: adventuresinautism2018@yahoo.com Enjoying the show? I would so appreciate your rating & review! --- Send in a voice message: https://anchor.fm/megan-carranza/message