Buried Alive. Seriously, This Might Be Too Scary!

The Dark Web Vlogs show

Summary: Buried Alive. Seriously, This Might Be Too Scary!<br><br>No one’s outlasted the horror-survivalist experience of McKamey Manor, a year-round extreme haunt that involves mind control, hypnosis and being buried alive. To hear owner Russ McKamey tell it, no one will. <br><br>McKamey calls his extreme haunt "a game" and a "survival horror boot camp experience." It can last more than 10 hours at places around Summertown, Tennessee, and Huntsville, Alabama. <br><br>McKamey warns no one has ever "beat the manor" or even gotten to the final Alabama level. Anyone who did will win a $20,000 prize. It seems odds are heavily stacked against those who travel from as far as the Netherlands to try.