The Chris Voss Show Podcast – 5-Star Career: Define and Build Yours Using the Science of Quality Management by Penelope Przekop

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Summary: <br> 5-Star Career: Define and Build Yours Using the Science of Quality Management by Penelope Przekop<br> <br> <br> <br> <br> <br> Industries across the globe manufacture products and provide services that you deem 5-star worthy; their goal is to satisfy your needs and desires. They follow the proven science of quality management to make that happen because it is common sense, and its effectiveness is irrefutable. 5-Star Career: Define and Build Yours Using the Science of Quality Management provides common-sense, strategic context for personally implementing quality concepts that reflect your goals as well as your own definition of a 5-star life and career.<br> <br> This book provides the following benefits:<br> <br> Explains how the science of quality management can ensure customer satisfaction, which is what industry uses to gauge the quality of products and services.<br> <br> Relates that explanation to you on a personal level including how the basic concepts and components of the science apply to your career/job, the path it has taken, and can take.<br> <br> Challenges you to identify your authentic needs and desires following the thorough process, research methodology, and data analysis corporations rely on to understand their customers. It tells you how to do all of that, and provides a unique tool to help you gather and analyze the right type of data and information.<br> <br> Clarifies the critical role that controlled systems and processes play in the science of quality management, the role they play in the personal application of quality management, and their surprising power to ensure intended outcomes.<br> <br> Explains how to apply the proven decision-making methodology (used by industry) to identify the best possible process that leads to the career you deem as 5-star worthy, and to address the career elements that will satisfy your authentic needs and desires.<br> <br> Relays how risk-based decision-making is key not only to identifying a process that ensures success but also to addressing the unexpected curveballs that will surely come your way.<br> <br> Penelope Przekop built a 30-year career around the science of quality management while struggling to overcome the uniquely disturbing childhood she shared with her brother. Along the way, she internalized the science used to build quality into products and services and discovered how it can be personally applied to build and manage not only the quality of a career but also the quality of a life.