Best Tips for Building and Outfitting Your Floral Studio

Team Flower show

Summary: Anna and Brian are a husband and wife floral design team specializing in large scale weddings and events. They’re currently in the process of converting a barn on their property into a fully finished floral design studio! This is such a neat process, and they’re talking about all of the details, including: - Planning for a heating/cooling system - Places to find simple shelving - Logistics of plumbing and creating a kitchenette The Meristem duo are also sharing about their journey to flowers—what they did before and how and why they came to the floral industry. Both Anna and Brian bring specific skills to their business which has helped them be successful in their floral venture. You’ll hear how you can be an asset in the floral industry—even if you classify yourself as more of a “nerd” than a “creator.” Finally, you’ll hear about the types of arrangements Anna and Brian create for their clients as well as Anna’s favorite thing to design. She’s even talking us through some simple steps of creating an urn arrangement, including types of greenery and flowers to incorporate! You can find Anna and Brian on Instagram at @meristemfloral or visit their website at