The Art of Paying Attention w/ Maya Holland of Tools for Teens - Working with Energy Medicine

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Summary:  This episode continues our series for teens with our friend Maya Holland, founder of Tools for Teens, a meditation-based healing service that provides teenagers with ways to navigate personal and social matters through the use of energy medicine. To sign up for privates, group classes and read her blog about attending University in London, visit Website:  Email: Instagram: @maya.holland     If you enjoy our show, please contribute by leaving us a little something, or a big something ;) TRANSCRIPT [00:00:00] Fawn: Welcome. Welcome. Welcome! [00:00:04] Matt: Hello! [00:00:04] Fawn: Bienvenue. . Thank you very much, everybody for listening. Welcome to our table. We are here with Maya Holland. Again, we're talking about tools for teens. Maya is the founder of tools for teens, a meditation based healing service that provides teenagers with ways to navigate personal and social matters through the use of energy medicine. We have her links here in the show. If you need to get ahold of her, which you should, everyone, she is brilliant. You can go to Maya,, M a Y a S I M O N Maya She has a course tools for teens. Today we're going to talk about. Paying attention even to trifles. Now, Matt, you and I did a show on this a few months ago, we did pay attention. It was what is, what was the title of [00:01:00] it? Right? Back then we were doing nuggets of wisdom from Santa Monica. Now we're really, I'm obsessed with etymology. So I thought I talked to you about before we get in, before Maya comes on, I wanted to talk about the word "attention." What I'm going to describe is derived from the Greek. Yea, of course our whole foundation of this friendship movement is based on the Greek and the Nicomachean ethics, but you all know that. Okay. So the meaning derived from the Greek means true sense; a sense of truth. The suffix "logia". Obviously is the study of, it means the study of, and then, so the meaning of it is giving heed, active direction of the mind upon some object or topic. And then you get into the old French"attencion" and[00:02:00] directly from Latin. I'm not going to say the word I'm totally mispronouncing Latin stuff, but basically means. Attention and attentiveness, noun of action from past participle stem of "attendere" means give heed to literally means to stretch toward actually to stretch toward, from add to, to toward plus "tendere"means stretch. Now the PIE route "ten", you know, AttendeT E N that part of the word, that is what it means to stretch. Isn't that interesting to stretch. before the 17th century then, getting into 1741, 1752, That's when the word really goes into meaning civility, courtesy and the power of mental [00:03:00]