Living the dream with the author of deeply defined Janey Pitts

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Summary: Janey has a journalism degree from Samford University and a Masters degree from Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary. She has served on church staffs for over fifteen years, and is the author of Deeply Defined: Understanding Who You Are in Christ. Her book, Deeply Defined, takes words Christians use all the time but can't really explain (grace, mercy, holiness, etc.), and lays them out in entertaining and easy to understand bites. Deeply Defined uses the Bible's original languages, along with Biblical culture, to help people go deep into God's word without feeling intimidated. It then helps the reader apply these concepts to deeply define their lives in Christ. The words you will learn in Deeply Defined will take your worship, prayer, and Bible reading to a whole new level. You can invite Janey to speak an check out all the things she is up to by visiting her website at