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Wrong Term Memory show

Summary: Episode four of Squid Game is “Stick to the Team”. Join Player 456’s hosts Jack and Colin as they deep dive into the fourth episode of Netflix’s most popular show of all time. They offer their insight, thoughts and appreciation, and also cover your questions, queries and theories. Episode 4 picks up right where the previous episode left off at the end of the honeycomb game. Player 111 (the doctor - Yoo Sung-joo) is led by one of the guards down to a secret area as another guard in the control room sneakily deletes the CCTV footage. Out of the 189 players that were left before the game, 79 were eliminated - so Jack takes a look at the numbers again. There is also a death (murder) that chages the direction and thought process of some of the players… is this what The Front Man wanted… you bet! An original production from https://quitethethingmedia.com/glasgower/ (Glasgower) Produced by Jack Shaw and Colin McMilan Twitter: https://twitter.com/player456pod (@player456pod) Email: player456pod@gmail.com Jack and Colin also host https://bit.ly/WTMhome (Wrong Term Memory) - a weekly podcast with episodes out every Monday.