The World of Sid & Marty Krofft


Summary: <p>You know, in hindsight we probably should have settled on a name for the podcast before recording. The dubs are pretty seamless though. And we really should have had the intro music and voiceover work done ahead of time too. No bother, dear listener, because you're going to otherwise enjoy what we've prepared for your ear holes. Host Sean Hutchinson (add: co-host Britton Taylor) takes you on a journey through time and space (/taste) to an amusement park like no other. Brothers Sid &amp; Marty Krofft debuted their Saturday Morning TV-themed indoor amusement park, The World of Sid &amp; Marty Krofft, in the Omni International Complex in downtown Atlanta on May 26, 1976 to much anticipation and fanfare. Sigmund and the Sea Monster were there. And so was Peggy Fleming! As producer Mike Kane reveals early in the episode (oops) the installment didn't do so great. Interview guest, urban planner Drew Kane, reveals some of the issues at play that doomed the park and sets the context for urban development and architectural proclivities in Atlanta in the mid-seventies. Let's not forget Matthew D. Hutchinson! Our special correspondent offers some entertaining inspired-by haikus. If you're wondering about nepotism ... that's a bit of cynical, isn't it?</p>