Tape Ten (Unjustified Love & Cats)

Lost Notes from Underground show

Summary: <p>A glimpse into who he is, Leander has a cat now. Seeking warmth from a feline when no hands offered it, he doesn't understand that he can't ever thaw out the mellowness in his heart. He talks about Animal Psychology, Cupboard Love. Rambles on and on about what defines love and other feelings, and whether love can exist even when unjustified. The clamor of his heart surmounts with each fatal drag he takes from the accursed cigarette. He shall never see the light again if keeps at these ways of his. And maybe that's why I find only tapes hidden around his abandoned rental, and no Leander. I only wonder what happened to the kitten though, for even his death would be of no consequence to me.</p> <p>Scoff at his misery, and pray woe be him.</p> <p>If the fall is what he desires, then love him by praying for it. ♥</p>