Three Ways To Put Your Relationship First with Vireo Karnonven

The Blissful Parenting Podcast show

Summary: Researchers have found that couples who are playful together have more satisfying relationships. However, parenting duties, work schedules, and the stress of everyday life cause parents to get lost along the way. It snuffs out the playful side of the relationship. In today's episode, our special guest, Vireo Karvonen, reveals the common mistakes parents are making that damage their relationships. She gives techniques to reestablish playfulness and genuine connection in your intimate relationships, especially your relationship with yourself. For when you take care of yourself first, you become a better parent, a loving partner, and a happier person. Vireo Karvonen is a relationship and pleasure coach. She is an expert in sacred femininity & sexuality and has been empowering women to feel confident in their female bodies since 2008. Her clients call her "The Shame Buster". Popularly known as Pleasure Coach Vireo, her deep-rooted desire to positively impact others goes back to 1996, when she completed her Master’s in Education at the University of Alberta. She is a facilitator of transformational programs such as Orgasmic Healing, Laughter Yoga, Kundalini Dance, and Sacred Femininity. Using her exceptional knowledge of women's sexuality, a non-judgmental approach, and Belief Re-patterning, she helps her clients to successfully and gracefully transform limiting beliefs so that they can be their best selves.