Managing Financial Risk While Living Your Family Values with Janice Scholl

The Blissful Parenting Podcast show

Summary: Parents make decisions every day. Knowing what you believe in as a parent and what you want for your children will help you make the right decisions for you, your career, and your family as a whole. In today's episode, Janice, our special guest, talks about how family values influence parents' decisions within and outside their family structure. She shares different ways to operate as a family where everyone lives a lifestyle they are happy with. Janice Scholl is a mom, commercial banker, consultant, and mentor to women who want to keep their finances on track when they start a business. She is passionate about helping mothers gain confidence and understanding about money, career & business. Her key areas of focus to help mothers succeed are navigating maternity leave, career breaks & transitions, and values-based budgeting. Janice is the host of the Money, Career & Motherhood podcast!