A Marvel Zombies Halloween

Worst Collection Ever show

Summary: Marvel Zombies [vol 1] #3 (2006) Happy almost Halloween folks! This week, we jump into the world of the Marvel Zombies as the superheroes and supervillains of Earth-71669 all got sick and started snacking down on humanity. A lot of it doesn’t make sense though with Wolverine not automatically healing and Cap still able to function perfectly with his brains out of his head. That and what is it exactly that Silver Surfer’s skin is made of? These are probably easy answers that we are too lazy to look up. All this plus we share our top celebrities that we think would work best to have their torso hollowed out and our sentient head placed inside like Krang. Continue the conversation with Shawn and Jen on Twitter @angryheroshawn and @JenStansfield and email the show at worstcollectionever@gmail.com