Good Job, The Eternals

Worst Collection Ever show

Summary: Eternals [vol 5] #1 (2021) So this is a pretty big deal, not because there’s an ETERNALS movie coming out this week but its probably the first time in SEVEN YEARS of this podcast that Shawn has taken notes on the comic he’s reading fo the show. Its called growth. Anyhow, the Eternals are a race of super-powered guys and gals put on Earth by mad space scientists and left alone with malevolent Mogwais for…reasons?!? Iron Man shows up to get Sersi’s number and Zuras the Prime Eternal gets Iron Clawed to death, presumably by Kevin Von Erich since he’s the only one of them still alive. Continue the conversation with Shawn and Jen on Twitter @angryheroshawn and @JenStansfield and email the show at