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Summary: This episode begins a series for teens with our friend Maya Holland, founder of Tools for Teens, a meditation-based healing service that provides teenagers with ways to navigate personal and social matters through the use of energy medicine. To sign up for privates, group classes and read her blog about attending University in London, visit Website: Email: Instagram: @maya.holland  If you enjoy our show, please contribute by leaving us a little something, or a big something ;)  Intuition – The Art of the Start with Maya Holland – Tools for Teens TRANSCRIPT [00:00:00] Matt: Maya Modo Musashi, regarded as the sword Saint, the Kensei the folklorish hero, historical figure samurai in feudal Japan. Story from his life: he was visiting a Lord, one of the various daimyo's of the land, at his invitation. He was sitting in a room. The Lord took him and said, okay, come with me to this other room, They got slightly separated and [00:00:23] Fawn: hold on one second. So, uh, Damon is [00:00:26] Matt: A Damio [00:00:27] Fawn: A damio. So that's the boss. [00:00:29] Matt: Think of him as like a Lord or a Baron or a, [00:00:32] Fawn: the samurais work for [00:00:34] Matt: yes. Samurais do. And then the Ronins are, they was samurai who do not have currently have a Lord. And at that point Musashi was a Ronin. Anyways. They got briefly separated going through, his castle and he motioned to him from across a courtyard. He's like, yeah, I'm over here, come this way. And the courtyard was dark and Musashi sensed something.[00:01:00] He