The Strong Inner Compass with Maya Holland of Tools for Teens, Using Energy Medicine

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Summary: What is an inner compass and how do we have strength in that?  This episode continues our series for teens with our friend Maya Holland, founder of Tools for Teens, a meditation-based healing service that provides teenagers with ways to navigate personal and social matters through the use of energy medicine. To sign up for privates, group classes and read her blog about attending University in London, visit Website:  Email: Instagram: @maya.holland     If you enjoy our show, please contribute by leaving us a little something, or a big something ;) The Inner Compass – TRANSCRIPT [00:00:00] Fawn: Hello, everybody. We are back we're back. [00:00:04] Matt: Hello? Hello. Good morning. Good evening. [00:00:07] Fawn: All of it. Hello at all times in all places. Yeah. And all dimensions. Hey everybody. Guess who's here. Maya Holland is here. Hi Maya. Hi. Good morning. Good evening. Good afternoon. All over again. Here we go again. Um, you know, when I say goodbye, we've done this for years, the kids grew up like this. We never say have a nice day because when I was working, I was in the foothills of the Himalayas and this beautiful person who was a swami at the end of our, our Workday, I was like, okay, have a nice day when we were going towards separate areas and he's like Fawn, no, like I got so scolded, spiritually. Um, he was so wonderful, but [00:01:00] he was like, don't ever say that to someone you're condemning someone to just having one day of good. Don't you ever say that? I'm like, never again. So he taught me to say, and this is how our girls talk. Whenever we say, see you later, or bye. They say have a beautiful every day, have a good every day. Oh, that's so cute. We never say it. We never say it. And just the, um, the opposite of the plural, you know, in the, just the one thing, SINGULAR is what I was looking for. Okay. So I digress. The [00:01:39] Maya: same thing with the question, how are you? It's so loaded. It's kind of like that. You really want to know who I am. Are you just asking to be polite? You know, [00:01:49] Fawn: people don't care. [00:01:51] Maya: Yeah. I mean, if someone asks me how I am, I'm going to tell you how I'm doing. I'm going to give you all the details, but. Some people, they [00:02:00] just rea