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Summary: ELIOT POPKIN Author of Circle: Letters to My Younger Self Eliot Popkin is an award-winning singer-songwriter, a business and personal development coach, and the author of Circle: Letters to My Younger Self. In addition to his own songs, he has written music for film, television, commercials, and other artists. However, despite this success, life hasn't always been easy for Eliot. As a survivor of child abuse, he had to overcome a great deal and rediscover himself several times in order to become the man he is today. Now, Eliot is channeling the wisdom he has gained into his memoir, Circle. Eliot takes readers on a journey from his boyhood as an abused, unhappy, frightened child to adulthood, where he learned to recognize, honor, and trust all the gifts life has bestowed on him. A beautiful memoir which inspires readers on their journey of self-discovery, growth and forgiveness, Circle is for everyone who has a dream, anyone who ever felt too afraid to step out on faith and execute a passion in life, and anyone who was too reserved to share their gifts with the world. SUGGESTED INTRODUCTION Today's guest, Eliot Popkin, is the multifaceted author behind Circle: Letters to My Younger Self. Eliot is an award-winning singer-songwriter who has overcome many obstacles to find success. He is a fighter who loves and enjoys the simple beauties in life: a good laugh, a good cry, awesome food, the setting of the sun and the rising of a new day three thousand miles away. All of these components are included in his new coming-of-age memoir, Circle: Letters to My Younger Self. Welcome to the show, Eliot! INTERVIEW TOPICS ⦁ Making peace with your past ⦁ Breaking free and welcoming more freedom ⦁ Welcoming more abundance and happiness ⦁ The benefit of writing letters to your younger self ⦁ Saying "No" to being best friends with mediocrity Finding "rouseII Making Peace WO Your Pas! Olebrating CIRCLE. ELIOT POPKIN His journey has helped me clarify and unblock some of my own fears and doubts. I feel ready to conquer my own fears on another level with excitement, tenacity and determination. Anna Kim TV/Film Producer CONNECT WITH ELIOT ⦁ in/EliotPopkin ⦁ @EliotPopkin Cl /EliotPopkinMusic @TheCircleLetter 123 soartothemoon