living the dream with author, actor, and actor coach billie shepard

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Summary: BILLIE SHEPARDIntroductionBillie delivers a coaching experience that transforms how an actor acts and business people communicate. Clients have said, “It seems she has a mysterious or supernatural power that influences the creativity, confidence and best abilities of a speaker or performer. What Billie does is magical.”Billie has been a professional actor for over forty years, appearing in lead roles in Equity productions, featured television appearances and numerous national and regional commercials. An acting coach for decades, she founded two acting academies and five acting workshops in four states. Billie has produced and hosted guest-artist workshops including such notable instructors as Academy Award winner, Alan Arkin.Twenty years ago Billie had an idea. She founded Billie Shepard & Associates, leveraging her acting experience and unique training methods into the business arena; transforming corporate speakers into influential leaders. Her clients include Facebook, Uber, Intuit, Rackspace, as well as many financial and medical research companies. This March Billie had another idea! She merged her presentation-training methods with the virtual needs of our times and created a powerful blend of the two; training business people how to enhance their VIRTUAL presentation and leadership skills.Her book: The Billie Shepard Presentation Method, describing her methods, and participant breakthrough stories of success, recently launched on Amazon. Billie is a Dean’s Scholar with a BA in Creative Arts and Masters in Theatre Arts from San Jose State University. BILLIE’S WEBSITE: WWW.BILLIESHEPARD.COM