Transform Your Relationship With Your Child in Just Ten Minutes a Day With Heather Fox and Genevieve Kyle

The Blissful Parenting Podcast show

Summary: Work, technology, and countless activities compete for our attention as parents. But it only takes a few minutes a day to connect meaningfully with your child and build a strong relationship. In today's episode, Heather and Genevieve talk about the importance of building a connection with your child through play. Find out how you can create ten minutes a day for play with a purpose and feel happier and less stressed. They also share tips on managing devices to optimize your child's growth and development in different phases and stages. Heather Fox and Genevieve Kyle are hosts and co-hosts of the Parent Talk Podcast, an educational podcast with experts and experienced parents offering up-to-date information for busy parents. Genevieve's passion is to help parents be happier, more confident, more connected, and authentic in their parenting journey. Heather is the owner of Gymboree Play & Music. She worked with many growing families over the past 13 years, teaching child development through play, focusing on the whole child, physical development, cognitive and social-emotional. Both are moms with two kids each.