Our Friendly World with Fawn and Matt show

Summary: This episode came about as we had a guest that was so hateful and wrongly accused Matt of "manipulation" because he likes to present people with favors. Wanting to clear things up from that conversation, Fawn wanted to make sure Matt explained (before he was so rudely cut off), one of the many ways to really connect with people.   This one act is something that you can do, to kindly, respectfully, and compassionately relate to people. And it's a simple thing; one that is really important for everyone to know about. This is also to correct a wrong that was done to Matt (referring to a rude guest we had). We're talking about a favor.  Do you know what "favor" actually means? the etymology, the origin, the Latin which is spelled FAVERE.   The etymology, the background, the root of favor originally means: show kindness. Isn't that beautiful?  If you enjoy our show, please contribute by leaving us a little something, or a big something ;) buymeacoffee.com/friendlyspace     The Favor - TRANSCRIPT [00:00:00] Matt: Doin' a favor? [00:00:01] Fawn: What'd you say [00:00:04] Matt: doing a favor? [00:00:06] Fawn: This is another followup show. I feel like too, um, a conversation that we had that I feel like I need to fix, , sometimes you talk to people and it really messes you up, [00:00:19] Matt: indeed. [00:00:20] Fawn: I mean, I mean, I mean, my God, so there's something that I've been. Wanting to clear up from another conversation, you were trying to say something and I knew what you were about to say, but you were so abruptly cut off and disrespected. And this time it wasn't me. [00:00:42] Matt: People find the need to, put themselves too much in the conversations and try and cut things short [00:00:47] Fawn: and yet