Sawubona - Hello, We See you!

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Summary: Sawubono is the South African Zulu word for "Hello, WE see you, and by seeing you, we bring you into being." Each person you meet, you're actually meeting their family and their ancestry, which means each one person is never alone. You are never alone. Not only are we meeting an individual, an individual person, but we are also meeting a lineage and we're giving respect to all of them.You can walk around the world. And it's not about you, depending on people's luggage and their experience; everyone sees you differently. So to be hung up on "how am I seen by this person or this culture," it's ridiculous because everyone has a different lens on it. This episode is about seeing.    If you enjoy our show, please contribute by leaving us a little something, or a big something ;)   Transcript [00:00:00] Fawn: Speaking of giving credit where it's due, I give credit and acknowledge the ancient ISA Zulu greeting. And that's what we're going to talk about today. Sawubona Sawubona is a greeting in South Africa. Sawubona is the Zulu word for how we say hello or in India, how we say "Namaste" Namaste is way deeper than "hello" because it's essentially saying I see the light in you, [00:00:31] Matt: but two people use it just as a hello, like a, Hey yeah know, [00:00:36] Fawn: I don't know, but everywhere we went. People of all ages will greet you with Namaste. I didn't know what it was when I was first there. And I was used to mean kids in the United States. So when all these kids were like laughing and smiling and say Namaste I thought they were making fun of me. Do you know what I mean? I had no idea what it meant. [00:01:00] And then when I found out I'm like, oh my God, do you see the amount of pain? That I feel, I don't even realize that if some kids are smiling and laughing and saying something to me, cause I've never met and because they're laughing, I think they're making fun of me. This was the child in me thinking that, being so ignorant of a culture or a word because of my own pain thinking. It's malicious [00:01:29] Matt: and also unwilling to come at it from a complete point of naivete. Did you know that they're saying now that, even a smiley face in a text can be sarcastic. Are you serious? I mean, I've always viewed because. You know, when you get a text or you use chat to communicate with your cow