living the dream with the host of the qualified podcast Hassan Hilliard

Living the Dream with Curveball show

Summary: Hassan (the show creator) has a genuine interest in conversation and an extensive list of experiences in many areas. Born and raised in Houston, Tx., he was given the support to be vocal and creative at an early age. A lifelong student of martial arts and influenced by an assortment of popular television shows during his childhood, Hassan would dream about one day being able to see/experience the things he saw, though not having the means to do so. Along with being pushed in physical activities, the family pushed for education and creativity. Never changing his view on wanting to learn more and do more has taken him to places and events that have contributed to a unique melting pot of knowledge. Some examples are starting multiple business ventures, winning an entrepreneurial award (30 Under 30), a host of juried art-shows, having artwork published in nationally distributed books, self-funding a major print publication, trendsetting in web-marketing, living abroad on 2 continents, certified personal trainer and fitness coach, and a host of fitness challenges/activities.​“I love information. I love asking why and how. It’s just the way my brain ticks. I’ve always enjoyed learning, speaking to interesting people, comparing ideas, having some laughs and making good memories. Life as we know it is drastically different now, but it doesn’t mean that our lifestyle has to cease to exist. I decided to take the leap and create a platform to continue the organic nature of connecting, conversing, and learning; this time in the digital space. The intent of Qualified is to share information, motivate, alert, and entertain overall. It's my hope that you all will enjoy these discussions as much as I have hosting them.” Check out the qualified podcast at