Homelessness in San Diego Is Like a Rubik’s Cube

Voice of San Diego Podcast show

Summary: This week, VOSD's Adriana Heldiz saw a large-scale operation by the city of San Diego to clean a homeless camp that had been growing for months in the Midway District; it recently grew so large it was spilling into the street, according to the city. Staff loaded tents and tons of belongings into a trash truck to try and sort out the area. Officers offered shelter to the people living there and cited those who rejected the offers. It put a spotlight on a lot of the issues at play for one of the region's biggest problems: homelessness. This week, we talk with Heldiz and VOSD's Lisa Halverstadt about what's going on with homelessness right now. Plus: The video that got Mayor Todd Gloria in trouble this week. Subscribe to our new San Diego 101 podcast! The trailer is out now. Subscribe to "San Diego 101" wherever you listen. And tell your friends. vosd.org/101podcast See omnystudio.com/listener for privacy information.