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Summary: <p>Welcome to our monthly influencers! series in which we’ll be interviewing a wide range of people, both face-to face and via video link, throughout Australia and around the world to talk about the future of cycling and the growth of micromobility.   </p> <p>Everyone that we speak to on influencers! is making a difference in some aspect of cycling or micromobility. Some will be unsung heroes and others will be people that you might already know.  </p> <p>The motivation behind creating the series is to discover how each of us can advance the causes of cycling and micromobility within our own spheres of influence. We believe that everyone has a role to play and that your contribution, no matter how small it may seem to you, is significant.  </p> <p>Influencers! will provide you with a unique opportunity to profit from the insight and inspiration of our guests and enable you to make positive changes to your work life and personal life and help you to influence others around you, ultimately benefiting both you and our world.  </p> <p>We hope that you find the Influencers! series entertaining, informative and inspiring.   Please subscribe, leave a review and share this with your friends. </p>