Are Your People-Pleasing Ways Creating Co-dependency in Your Kids?

The Blissful Parenting Podcast show

Summary: Did you know that if you expect your kids to do more than they are supposed to do, you create codependency in them? As parents, how can you prevent codependency from happening so that your kids will grow into confident, healthy, loving, and independent adults? In this episode, Vanessa Grace clarifies the meaning of codependency and the various forms it can take, how it happens and gets instilled in childhood, as well as the law of attraction that affects those that surround you when you are in a codependent headspace. Vanessa Grace is a life coach and licensed therapist who helps heal life’s experiences and trauma that created codependency. She is also the podcast host of Soul Amplified where you discover your soul and what has been holding you back from all your light.