Sanity Tips From A Mom of 18 with Jenn Taylor

The Blissful Parenting Podcast show

Summary: From chores, errands, homework help to disciplining kids, motherhood is busy and never-ending. Suddenly, your life revolves around your kids. You lost yourself along the way. In this episode, our special guest shares tips for increasing your gratitude and joy so that motherhood won't exhaust you and conflicts won't affect you as much. You can stay connected to who you are, not just your role as a parent. Jenn Taylor is a Mom of 18 (yes, 18 kids!) and the host of At A Crossroads with The Naked Podcaster. She is a transformational coach for Christian women, a motivational speaker, and the author of a self-help memoir "Hello, My Name Is… Warrior Princess". She is also a licensed NLP Practitioner & Coach and has 15+ years in the foster care sector as both a parent and a trainer.