Crucial Problem Solving Skills For Teens with Jennifer Maneely

The Blissful Parenting Podcast show

Summary: We all know the teenage years are tough, both on our kids and ourselves. There's so much changing for our children as they practice transitioning to adulthood. As a parent, what can you do to help your teenager get through these scary and chaotic years? Hear from our special guest today some tips on how to do it so that your teenagers will take positive, motivating action and lead successful lives. Jennifer Maneely is an Addiction Strategist and the founder of Maneely Consulting, Inc., a coaching firm for families who have loved ones in addiction or trauma-related substance abuse. She works with the families to help them develop strategies and coach them on setting effective, supportive, and loving boundaries so that their loved ones can get the help they need and the families don’t go down with them. She draws inspiration for her work from her own gut-wrenching experience with addiction. She is the # 1 Bestselling Author of Dear Parents: Strategies to Help Your Loved One Through Addiction and The Unbreakable Boundaries Podcast host.