The Magic Three-Step Formula For Peace At Home with Debra Kocis

The Blissful Parenting Podcast show

Summary: Family life is chaotic. At some point, you've probably lost your temper with your kids and yelled at them. In today's episode, a parenting coach shares how you can turn rebellion and chaos into harmony at home using her "magic" three-step formula. She also gives a brief background of three parenting styles, so you can see if you fit any of them and how to change what you are doing so you can enjoy a peaceful, loving, satisfying relationship with your children. Debra Kocis is a children and families advocate supporting a healthy lifestyle, environment, and unity. She is a parenting coach, certified in 2 nationally recognized parenting programs that have helped millions of families. She is president and founder of Healthy Parenting 360 and the co-host of The Women’s Legacy Show. Her passion is to serve parents and children, bringing deeper insights to parents so they may have a beautiful, life-long relationship with their children.