The Art of the Plan with Guest Heather Lawrence

Our Friendly World with Fawn and Matt show

Summary: Heather Lawrence joins us as we discuss the art of the plan and what it is. What's the plan?  How do you know it's your plan? Is there a higher plan? Is there truly free will?  What is the purpose of each person? How can we decipher between our purpose as apposed to someone else's thing; how do we know it's your deal or if it's feeling FOMO.  Is there, is there a grand scheme? Is there a divine plan? How do we become  a vibrational match to the plan that we have been wanting? Can we plan? Should we be planning? You always hear that phrase. You know, if you want to hear God laugh, make a plan.  Aren't we working as a team here? Heather explains how the universe wants to get us to accept things the way they are not reject the way they are. How can we get through it all???? How to be an authentic match to your dreams. How to be in alignment This episode we ask the questions and ponder the answers. To reach Heather: Instagram: Facebook: TikTok:     Transcript [00:00:00] Fawn: [00:00:00] Welcome to our friendly world. Hello? Hello? Hello. What is the plan, Matt? What's the plan. If I take a nugget of wisdom. Okay. You just asked me what nugget would you use today? Yes. So today's episode, everyone is called the art of the plan and we have a special friend with us that I'll introduce you to in just a second, but the art of a plan. I mean, I never wanted to go back to LA. That was not my plan. When do you know, it's your plan? Is there a higher plan? Is there free will. I mean, you know, sometimes most of my life I feel like, okay, I know, I feel that the right thing, I feel the answer. I know the universe, you know, I feel like I'm part of it. So of course I know what's up, but sometimes I'm like, well, what, what is it like what's happening? What is, is there a plan? Because [00:01:00] I don't know. Sometimes I just don't know. What is the purpose of each person? How can we decipher between our purpose? You know, your true purpose from something. You you're drawn to, it could be someone else's thing. Right. And you're looking at them and you're feeling FOMO. So you think their plan is your plan. Do you know what I'm saying? Matt: [00:01:25] Yeah, no, no, no, no, absolutely. You can get totally sucked into somebody's reality in many ways that  if somebody is really into something and like you hang out with them, then all of a sudden you're like, wow, that's super cool. Oh my God. Oh my God. Oh my God. And you may think that, you should just stop doing what you're doing and start doing what this other person's doing for sure. Fawn: [00:01:42] Yeah. I, I equate it. I equate everything to eating. So it's like going to a restaurant and you think, you know what you want to order. And then someone orders tiramisu, and you're like, I want Tiramisu too. Matt: [00:01:52] I remember going to a sushi place and ordering a certain kind of sushi. And then all of a sudden, everybody around me started ordering it. It was quite funny. [00:02:00] Fawn: [00:02:00] So how do you know that that's happening? Some bizarre things happen in life. Some hard things happen in life and there must be a purpose to it all. Is there a purpose purpose of that? I can't even stay at purpose. Is there, is ther