living the dream with certified laughter yoga leader Jean Marcley

Living the Dream with Curveball show

Summary: Jean Marcley is the Second oldest of 9 children, she was raised in Amityville, New York.Jean began losing her eyesight due to a-typical RP at age 10 ½. Prior to that she had 20/20 eyesight and loved to read. Jean has been legally blind with deteriorating eyesight ever since.Jean is the proud mother of 3 beautiful daughters, and she also has 6 Incredible grandchildren, as well as 7 delightful great-grandchildren. Jean is the co-creator of the stress-management program called “Foods, Moods, and You: The Stress Factor.”The programs name was eventually changed to “Worry Shmorry” which she presented nationwide.Jean got her certification as a certified Laughter Yoga Leader in the year 2013. Jean is a firm believer in the benefits of affirmations wich is why she founded Laugh-Firmations in 2019.Jean has also been a line dancing instructor since 2006.You can check Jean out on the web at You can send her an e-mail at or call her at 503 313 2840