living the dream with functional medicine doctor Kylie Burton

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Summary: Kylie Burton is a functional medicine doctor specializing in turning "normal" labs into answers, healing, and hope. With so many individuals getting tossed from doctor to doctor and specialist to specialist, she vowed to be different. Doctor Burton said she would not chalk up someone's health to "it's because you're a mom" or "take this anti-depressant and you'll feel better." But to get different results, she had to think and train herself differently. For her, answers were found in functional medicine so she dove head first. Functional medicine teaches the WHY behind health concerns and then gets rid of them. However, doctor Burton takes it a step farther. Blood work. Everyone has it. Yet, very rarely does the blood work provide "answers," aka a diagnosis. Instead, struggling individuals are told their labs are "normal" and to come back in 6 months. "Maybe it'll go away." As she is often caught saying, "Your labs may be 'normal' but they're not ideal." She views them in a different way - a way that allows her to provide answers, healing, and hope with or without a diagnosis. This goes way beyond nutrition and elimination diets. This goes way beyond gut health. This is healing beyond the diagnosis. Check out Doctort Burtons website at www.drkylieburton.comTopics I Can Discuss: