Sending Out an SOS: The Taliban Return, Booster Shots, Havana Syndrome

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Summary: First up: The week’s biggest story is Afghanistan. We’ll break down how the Taliban took over so quickly, whether more people can get out safely, and what’s next for the country. Next: We’ll bring you the latest on the major earthquake in Haiti and the latest data breach affecting over 40 million people. Hint: if you’re a T-Mobile user, tune in. And click here for tips on how to keep your information safe.  Also: Remember hot girl summer? Enter: shot girl fall, because boosters are coming soon to a pharmacy near you.  Plus: We finally have the latest Census data. We’ll tell you three things you need to know about how America’s changed in the last 10 years.  Finally: We’re trying our hands at true crime, for a story about a mystery that’s stumped the entire U.S. intelligence community for five years. P.S. Here are the orgs we mentioned helping in Afghanistan:  Volunteer to support Afghans being evacuated to the US Become an Airbnb host for resettled Afghans  For lawyers: help process special immigrant visas Donate airline miles with Miles4Migrants Donate to the Afghan Journalists Safety Committee Make your voice heard here at home On this episode, you’ll hear from:  Kelly Kennedy, managing editor, The War Horse  Lina Abirafeh, executive director, the Arab Institute for Women Want more Skimm?  Sign up for our free daily newsletter Email us your questions about what’s going on in the news right now  Subscribe and leave us a review wherever you get your podcasts Skimm'd by Alex Carr, Luke Vargas, and Ciara Long, with support from Sagine Corrielus. Engineered by Andrew Callaway. TheSkimm’s head of audio is Graelyn Brashear.