The Chris Voss Show Podcast – Tim Storey – The Miracle Mentality: Tap into the Source of Magical Transformation in Your Life

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Summary: <a href="" rel="attachment wp-att-32954"></a><br> Tim Storey - The Miracle Mentality: Tap into the Source of Magical Transformation in Your Life<br> <br> <br> <br> <br> <br> <br> <br> During challenging times, toxic thoughts can drag you into a mindset that’s mundane, messy, and mad. Negative thinking can undermine all aspects of your life, from family and romantic relationships to career satisfaction, financial stability, and physical and spiritual health. To overcome these obstacles, you need a new mindset--a miracle mentality--where dreams are achievable, hope is actionable, and spiritual healing is possible.<br> <br> In the Miracle Mentality, life coach, speaker, and author Tim Storey provides you with a road map to transcend negative thinking, leading you to bigger adventures, more opportunities, and deeper meaning.<br> <br> Experience a miracle mentality transformation with…<br> <br> Tim’s honest and powerful testament that will strengthen your perspective, positivity, and personal choice<br> Essential coaching that will help you navigate friendships and romantic relationships<br> Tips on establishing a fulfilling work-life balance<br> An encouraging and practical approach to physical, mental, and spiritual health<br> The discovery of a new mindset and freedom that can be applied to your personal finances<br> Honest talk about the influential role of a parent and information to help you improve your parenting skills<br> Bonus features include:<br> <br> Chapter Summaries, to provide a quick reference of each topic’s key points<br> The Miracle Mentality Total Mindset Assessment, to gauge whether you’re living in the mundane, messy, or mad in six areas of your life (parenting, love relationships, friendships, work/career, money, and health)<br> Miracle Mentality Workbook, to help you apply what you’ve learned and brainstorm ways to infuse all areas of your life with a Miracle Mentality<br>