The Chris Voss Show Podcast – Remote, Inc.: How to Thrive at Work . . . Wherever You Are by Robert C. Pozen, Alexandra Samuel

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Summary: <a href="" rel="attachment wp-att-33286"></a><br> Remote, Inc.: How to Thrive at Work . . . Wherever You Are by Robert C. Pozen, Alexandra Samuel<br> <br> <br> <br> <br> <br> You can thrive and excel when you’re working remotely, if you adopt the mindset, habits and tech tools of professionals who are even more productive outside the office: Learn to think like a “business of one,” and that entrepreneurial mindset will transform your experience of remote work.<br> Remote work can be satisfying and productive—once you craft a strategy that taps into the unique advantages of working from home. After a year in which many of us plunged into remote work overnight, we finally have a chance to make thoughtful choices about how to combine remote and office work, and how to make the most of our days at home.<br> <br> Remote, Inc. gives you the strategies and tools you need to make remote work a valuable part of your renewed working life. Learn how to...<br> <br> Gain control over how and when you work by focusing on objectives, not the 9-to-5 workday.<br> Wow your managers by treating them like valued clients.<br> Beat information overload by prioritizing important emails and messages.<br> Make online meetings purposeful, focused and engaging.<br> Build great relationships with your colleagues—whether at the next desk, or another city.<br> Find a balance between work from home, and life at home.<br> Make a remote work plan that lets you get the best from time at the office—and the best of home.<br> Remote, Inc. takes you inside the mindset and habits of people who flourish while working outside the office some or all of the time: people who function like a “business of one”. That’s how productivity experts Robert C. Pozen and Alexandra Samuel describe the mindset that lets people thrive when they’re working remotely, whether full-time or in combination with time at the office. You can follow their lead by embracing the work habits and independence of a small business owner—while also tapping into the benefits of collegiality and online collaboration.