Thought Management: Navigating Stress and Gaining Dominion Over Your Mind with Dr. Mike Dow & Don Goewey

Harvesting Happiness show

Summary: Neuroplasticity offers us the ability to change our brains and transcend stress, fear, and anxiety. By rewiring neural pathways, we can transform the emotional strain past traumas hold over our subconscious minds. There are successful methods to overcome patterns and behaviors that serve as blocks to our happiness. To ascertain the secrets to making monumental shifts toward contentment, Positive Psychology Podcast Host Lisa Cypers Kamen speaks with two neuroscience experts who reveal their strategies for rewiring the mind. Dr. Mike Dow has a mission to help people heal their brains by replacing negative experiences in their subconscious minds with emotionally charged positive ones. And, Don Goewey works within corporate America about how to circumvent stress and increase life satisfaction.