S4:E8: The Disappearance Of Charlie Chuck - Remaster

Into The Vertical Blank : Generation Atari show

Summary: There is new information regarding the whereabouts of one Charlie Chuck, the star of Atari's 1984 coin-op, Food Fight.  We will be revealing what we know and have a special interview in the next episode.  But for now, refresh your memories of the full mystery with a remastered version of the classic lead-off episode from Season 2 of "Into The Vertical Blank": The Disappearance Of Charlie Chuck. Recorded, Mixed, Edited and Produced by Steve And Jeff Fulton Branding By Daryl Litts Additional Music by Tony Longworth Theme by Brian TravisTitle: Into The Vertical Blank theme Words & music by Brian Travis (c)(p)2021 Taste This Moment Music ASCAPhttp://www.briantravisband.com/ Find us here: http://intotheverticalblank.com –Into the Vertical Blank: Generation Atari | Facebook –Into The Vertical Blank Pod Cast