Propaganda Puppets Continue Pushing Plan for Global Takeover - War Room - 2021-August 26, Thursday

War Room show

Summary: Kristi Leigh guest hosts and gives an update on the latest power grabs in the Round Rock School District and how the school district is breaking the law and persecuting those speaking out. Dr. Robert Malone, inventor of the mRNA technology behind the vaccines, joins the show to break down the truth about the “full-approval "of the Pfizer vaccine by the FDA. Hear why he says it’s not honest and warns it could be another tactic for Pfizer to avoid liability. In the second hour, Dr. Peter Breggin shares breaking news of a document he uncovered that proves the COVID-19 release and vaccine were all pre-planned and tells you how you can be armed with all the information you need about COVID-19 to fight against tyranny and evil. In the third hour, Journalist Tayler Hansen, who witnessed Ashley Babbitt’s cold-blooded murder, warns how mainstream media will twist the narrative and make her killer the victim. Roxanne, who was also at the Capitol that day, but never even went inside, shares how she was fired just for being there and her legal battle ahead.<br><br>GUESTS:<br><br>Dr. Robert Malone / Dr. Peter R Breggin / Tyler Hansen / ROXANNE