Conversations on Thoughtful Gardening with Matt Collins

Team Flower show

Summary: Joining Kelly on the podcast today is Matt Collins—all the way from the UK! Matt has a deep passion for taking in nature and making a garden to reflect it. He’s chatting with us about how he accomplishes this as well as giving us tips for maintaining and growing a garden—observe, grow what you love, and repeat. Fun fact: Matt is also a writer! Make sure you check out his book Forest on connecting stories of trees to their natural habitats. Matt is a writer and gardener. His main interest with flowers is seeing them growing in their wild natural habitat either at home or abroad, and then translating that to the garden, letting the environment and habitat dictate how plants should best be grown. This is the theme for his monthly column with the Daily Telegraph in the UK. And to some extent, it’s also the subject of his book, Forest. He works at the Garden Museum in central London looking after and developing the gardens. He also runs an annual traineeship programme for new horticulturists!